HSK Test - HSK 1 (English)
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This test is for absolute beginners who have around 30h of classes under their belt and mastered 150 words. It is made up by a listening and a reading part, lasting 40 minutes in total.

In HSK 1, characters are not the most important thing, as Pinyin is still provided.

Learning Material on WoHok.com

Free Online Tutorial
This free vocabulary guide consists of all 150 vocabularies with pictures and example sentences

Grammar Summary
As part of the online tutorial, this grammar guide summarizes the grammar needed for passing HSK 1

EBook on Amazon
For $0.99 you can get the online tutorial, the grammar guide and a list of all 150 vocabularies with translation on Amazon.

Part 1: Listening

Listening HSK 1 Questions 1-5
Source: chinaeducenter.com

1-5: The first 5 questions require you to listen to a tune twice and then determine whether the picture is right or wrong, in other words whether it has something to do with the text you heard or not.

Listening HSK 1 Questions 6-10
Source: chinaeducenter.com

6-10: The second part gives you 3 choices and you need to choose the one fitting best to the text you hear.

Listening HSK 1 Questions 11-15
Source: chinaeducenter.com

11-15: Question 11-15 confront you with some pictures (more than on the picture above) and 5 questions and you need to enter the letter where the picture fits best with what you hear.

Listening HSK 1 Questions 16-20
Source: chinaeducenter.com

16-20: The last listening questions give you 3 choices again and you need to pick the one fitting best to the text you are listening to.

Part 2: Reading

Reading HSK 1 Questions 21-25
Source: chinaeducenter.com

21-25: The first 5 questions ask you determine whether the picture and the vocabulary fit.

Reading HSK 1 Questions 26-30
Source: chinaeducenter.com

26-30: Part two, like listening part 3, gives you some pictures (more than on the picture above) and 5 answers, and you need to put in the letter of the picture fitting best to the sentence.

Reading HSK 1 Questions 30-35
Source: chinaeducenter.com

31-35: Coming to questions 31 to 35 you face some questions on the left and responses on the right and your task is to connect the fitting ones by filling in the correct letter.

Reading HSK 1 Questions 36-40
Source: chinaeducenter.com

36-40: Finally you have some words with capital letters in front of them and you need to put them into the gaps of the sentences as shown in the graphic.

Scoring System

The maximum score for this test is 200 with 120 required to pass. There are 100 points for listening and 100 points for reading.

More Information

The sample pictures above as well as the information where taken from chinaeducenter.com. On this website you can find further information, the outline of the 150 vocabularies as well as a mock test with mp3 needed for the listening (as part of the outline vocabulary download package). Have a look at this, it might be very helpful in the course of preparing for the test.