HSK Test Regulations
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Test Regulations

This page gives you an overview on what you need to know about the organisation of the test. However, just being a summary, the information is not complete and might be subject to change, for the full Test Regulations please have a look here.

Before the Test

You can register for the test up to 20 days before it takes place. When registering you need to bring 2 passport-sized (40mmx30mm) photos. If you register online, make sure the photo is not bigger than 100KB and either JPG, GIF or PNG.

Around 15 days before the test you can get your test admission ticket either online from the registration website or from the place you registered for the test.

When you have the ticket, please check carefully if your name, gender, date of birth and ID number are identical with your ID card or passport, otherwise you might not be able to take the test as you need to have a valid admission ticket to enter the test room.

The Test

On test day make sure to bring your test admission ticket, your ID card or passport and at least 2 2b pencils with an eraser. You cannot use any other pens, only pencils are acceptable.

Make sure you arrive on time, ideally at least 5min earlier as your ID needs to be verified, you need to sit down, get your paper, etc.

Furthermore, make sure you are familiar with the structure of the test you are taking, you can get more information in the respective section you can access via the links on the top of the page.


There are no fixed times given for when you can collect your results, but from experience it should take around 30 days or so, but that varies from test to test.