HSK 4 Format
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HSK 4: Format

Part 1: Listening

Listening HSK 4 Questions 1-10
Source: chinaeducenter.com

1-10: In the first part you listen to a short text once. On the exam paper you find a sentence and based on what you heard you need to determine wether this is right or wrong.

Listening HSK 4 Questions 11-25
Source: chinaeducenter.com

11-25: The second part gives you 4 choices and you need to choose the one fitting best to the text you hear.

Listening HSK 4 Questions 26-45
Source: chinaeducenter.com

26-45: And the final 20 questions, which are similar to part two, just that the dialog you listen to is a little bit longer.

Part 2: Reading

Reading HSK 4 Questions 46-55
Source: chinaeducenter.com

46-55: Question 46-55 require you to fill the words given on the top into the gaps of the sentences on the bottom so the resulting sentence is correct.

Reading HSK 4 Questions 56-65
Source: chinaeducenter.com

56-65: The following questions confront you with 3 sentences you are asked to bring in the correct order so they make sense.

Reading HSK 4 Questions 66-85
Source: chinaeducenter.com

66-85: Finally you are confronted with short phrases, one or two related questions each and 4 answers, and you need to pick the one you think is correct based on what you read.

Part 3: Writing

Writing HSK 4 Questions 86-95
Source: chinaeducenter.com

86-95: The first 10 tasks ask you to use the given words and build a correct sentence.

Writing HSK 4 Questions 96-100
Source: chinaeducenter.com

96-100: Finally you are confronted with 5 tasks consisting of a picture and a vocabulary each and you need to use the word to form a sentence which somehow relates to the picture.

Scoring System

The maximum score for this test is 300 with 180 required to pass. The three sections listening, reading and writing account for 100 points each.

More Information

The sample pictures above as well as the information where taken or derived from chinaeducenter.com. On this website you can find further information, the outline of the 1200 vocabularies as well as a mock test with mp3 needed for the listening (as part of the outline vocabulary download package). Have a look at this, it might be very helpful in the course of preparing for the test.