HSK 5 Flashcards
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HSK 5: Flashcards

There are basically two kinds of flashcards on WoHok.com. Let me quickly introduce them to you, then you can choose which one you go for:

Dynamic Flashcards
Dynamic here means, that you start out with like 20 new vocabularies on day one, add up another 20 the next day, and as a result learn more and more over time. The great thing is, that, through certain algorithms, you will be asked to review the vocabularies you don't know that well more often than the ones you already know. So this is pretty much like having a deck of physical flashcards and putting them into different boxes depending on how well you know the cards, just that the organizing is done automatically for you.

Static Flashcards
Those flashcards are simple decks with 100 cards each you can go through and learn. It's great for checking if you know all the words right before the test or if you want to organize your learning yourself.