HSK 5 Format
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HSK 5: Format

Part 1: Listening

Listening HSK 5 Questions 1-20
Source: chinaeducenter.com

1-20: The first 20 points require you to listen to a dialogue once and then choose the best fitting answer.

Listening HSK 5 Questions 21-45
Source: chinaeducenter.com

21-45: Part two of the listening section is similar to part one with the difference that the dialogues are a little bit longer and therefore a little bit more difficult.

Part 2: Reading

Reading HSK 5 Questions 46-60
Source: chinaeducenter.com

46-60: The first part of the reading section contains phrases with several gaps. For each gap there are four possible answers and you need to choose the one fitting best.

Reading HSK 5 Questions 61-70
Source: chinaeducenter.com

61-70: Questions 61-70 again confront you with a short phrase and you need to pick the sentence fitting the phrase best.

Reading HSK 5 Questions 71-90
Source: chinaeducenter.com

71-90: Finally there are a little bit longer stories, some questions related to the text and you need to pick the right answer.

Part 3: Writing

Writing HSK 5 Questions 91-98
Source: chinaeducenter.com

91-98: The first 8 tasks ask you to use the given words and build a correct sentence.

Writing HSK 5 Questions 99-100
Source: chinaeducenter.com

99-100: Part two is a writing exercise asking you to write two 80 character articles, one using the words given in question 99 and one about the picture in question 100.

Scoring System

The maximum score for this test is 300 with 180 required to pass. The three sections listening, reading and writing account for 100 points each.

More Information

The sample pictures above as well as the information where taken or derived from chinaeducenter.com. On this website you can find further information, the outline of the 2500 vocabularies as well as a mock test with mp3 needed for the listening (as part of the outline vocabulary download package). Have a look at this, it might be very helpful in the course of preparing for the test.